RBHS Music Sponsors

Support your student's music education! Join Us Today! Membership is $25 per family!

Our Purpose

The Riverside Brookfield HS Music Sponsors is a parent organization that promotes the general activities of the RBHS Music Programs.

We encourage and maintain an enthusiastic interest in all phases of the music programs.

We promote communication and cooperation between parents, administration, staff, and school board.

We provide cultural enrichment to students in the community.

Are your Trash Bins stinky and full of bacteria?

If so, the Riverside Brookfield High School Music Sponsors are partnering with Eco Trash Bin Clean, https://ecotrashbinclean.com, to steam, disinfect, and make your bins smell great!

Eco Trash Bin Clean will be donating $5.00 dollars back to RBHSMS for each house that schedules a cleaning during the months of April & May. The proceeds will benefit RBHS Music Education programs and help fund scholarships offered by the Music Sponsors.

To make this work, we are asking everyone to PLEASE share this Facebook post to your neighborhood Facebook, your personal Facebook, Nextdoor, and any other Facebook groups you belong to.

To receive the information needed for scheduling, please share and comment under this post below then ALSO text the code "RBHSmusic" along with the name of your town and zip code to 630-352-8022 and you will receive a reply text back with all of the pricing and routing info for your area to schedule.

Again, it's very important that everyone share this post to personal Facebook, neighborhood Facebooks, Nextdoor, and any other Facebook groups you belong to.

Paws Up & Thank you!

The RBHS Music Sponsors are happy to announce scholarships available to students in the RB Music Programs. Together, the students and the Music Sponsors efforts to increase our annual budget through fundraising have made these scholarships possible.

Scholarships are being made available to students in the following areas:

Instrumental or Vocal Lessons over the summer

Summer Music Programs / Camps

Eligibility and Requirements:

The candidate must be a current freshman, sophomore or Junior and in good standing within the music program.

The candidate must submit an essay that is 250 -300 words in length, stating reasons that the candidate should be considered. And must include how the student’s participation will benefit the music program.

List activities in the music department at RBHS and outside musical activities and or competitions.

This form is due May 4, 2021.

Please find the link to the scholarship application below:


Thank you,

Riverside Brookfield High School Music Sponsors