Fundraising is an essential function of Music Sponsors to ensure our students have the tools and education they deserve. This year we have a number of fundraising opportunities available:

World's Finest Chocolate

Sold out

Purchase a box of 60 chocolate bars for $60, sell the bars for $1/bar. Students make $25 per box sold toward their fundraising goals.

Little Caesar’s
Pizza Kits


Students send friends and family a link to order pizza kits – they are delivered right to their door! Each kit contains enough ingredients to make three family-size pizzas and students make $6 on each kit they sell. Click here to get started.

Vertical Raise Online Fundraising


Students ask friends and family for direct donations to their account without having to sell any products.

  1. Go to and create your profile and upload picture.

  2. Simply add our fundraising join code: 61536775

  3. Go through invite wizard and make sure to invite both parents via parent share text.

  4. Complete Homework Steps with parents.

Annual Cheesecake Sale


Our annual cheesecake sale is a community favorite! Students sell cheesecakes in the traditional way via product brochure. Products range from $27-$29.50 and students make $7 per item sold. Ask your music director for the order sheet, or click here!